Welcome to Tailored Abode

Welcome to Tailored Abode, where we are offering tailored design services to meet your budget and your needs. Through modern technology and our specialized Tailored Abode service, we are excited to introduce a customized design service that offers you more control of the design process and budget. If you are willing to do a little homework and want control of purchasing your own furnishings, we can help!


Step One: Your Homework

  1. Fill out the questionnaire.
  2. Photograph your existing space (all four walls, be sure to include ceilings and floors in photographs).
  3. Provide overall measurements of your room, ceiling heights and sizes of doors and windows.
  4. Upload or mail in materials (including photographs and details on questionnaire).
  5. Provide payment in full; See our room price list for details.

Step Two: How We Tailor Your Abode

  1. We spend hours reviewing your notes, photographs and answers to the questionnaire.
  2. We will set up a pinterest board to share images and ideas.
  3. We sharpen our pencils and get to work designing your perfectly tailored abode.

Step Three: Your Tailored Abode

Within 6 weeks, you can expect to receive your own Tailored Abode Box. Your box will include all the materials you need to get started, including a custom-bound book tailored to your design. Your book will include:

  • Table of Contents: for easy navigation
  • Floor Plan: to scale keyed with all furniture pieces
  • Color Palette: A summary of all the major paint colors and schemes
  • Furnishings: Detailed pages for each piece of furniture and accessory including color photographs, dimensions and prices
  • Check List: A line item summary of your furnishings, including information on where to purchase and prices

Also included in the box are material samples, fabric swatches and paint chips. A digital version of the book is also available in PDF format and will be emailed to you once your box is in the mail.